Techchimp is a  Software Development and Digital Marketing agency offering all inclusive software development and digital marketing solutions and delivering measurable solutions across different initiatives including web design, social media marketing, SEOs, mobile app development, Internet Of Things(IOT) apps and ICT infrastructure. We have the talent you need.


We work with trusted brands that trust us. Before Fidelity Insurance, Home AssuredBorderless Tracking , Pestmatic ,  and many more became household names, we were building their apps.  We take pride in our work and have the same goals as you – to see you become successful!


Our approach is unique. We don’t create layers of process that can slow down work. We simply focus on your software and digital marketing goals and provide a talented team to reach them.

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Website Design

A website is a necessary tool for every organization. An effective, beautiful website is a game changer. We design top-notch sites with care given to everything from information architecture to content, UX to typography.

Business Software

Our full-stack development team works collaboratively to produce exceptional code. An agile, iterative method means dev work happens efficiently and with best practices as our top-of-mind, tip-of-fingers priority.

Mobile Apps

Let’s talk user experience. It’s what makes an app a celebrated success or a forgotten failure. You app is only as good as your interface. We’ll help you design an app that is effortless for users and damn fine to look at, too.

Digital Advertising

Technology changes at a breakneck pace, and we’re happy to be a pace car. We handle all your digital marketing needs including Social Media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search, PPC, online traffic strategy and more. Working with your goals and budget, we’ll create a strategy to reach your audience across all digital mediums.


Well executed e-commerce solutions require excellent user experience and expert technical solutions. We use the best open source solutions and web-based platforms to build sites that look great and convert well.

Email Marketing / E-Newsletters

Sure you many products, but how do people know that? Are you siting on your client list? We thought so. Now let’s work together to figure out what you can cross-sell in as short and catchy a manner as possible.


Want sms/ussd solutions that power your site or app to work harmoniusly meeting customer needs? sms/ussd integrations allow us to tie into existing services and create powerful applications that share data.

Search Engine Optimization

How will people find your website? SEO is not magic. We fully optimize your website to be indexed and ranked highly by search engines. Structuring your site to be found by your target users is a key aspect of our work.

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