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Marketing automation that boosts your bottom line

Marketing automation that boosts your bottom line

There are times when a customer leaves your site because he doesn’t have enough payment options. People like to use different payment options like deferred payment, a credit line, or some other option depending on your payment terms. Ideally, you should offer your customers as many options as possible but you would need an advanced marketing automation software platform to integrate all these options into your site to ensure seamless functioning.

Business growth depends to a large extent on payment terms

Payment terms are a critical part of any business and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they can make or break a business irrespective of the demand situation. In online transactions, where you don’t meet your customers face-to-face, as in traditional brick and mortar businesses, offering a deferred payment option or credit lines isn’t easy. Yet, business growth would require that because your competition won’t step back from offering customers these options.

On an eCommerce platform, integrating deferred payment option or credit lines along with other innovative and appealing alternatives in a seamless manner will require quality marketing automation software. Such software is available in the market, offering a range of functionalities that might or might not sync with your specific needs and environment. Apparently, the solution is customization of the software but that’s where you run up against serious odds – high cost and uncertain quality.

Choose the right marketing automation software platform

In the event of an abandoned transaction because the customer had inadequate payment options, you need to be in a position to utilize the data that your interaction with the particular customer offers you. Your opportunity hasn’t ended just because the customer walked out of one transaction. There are ways by which you can re-engage the same customer based on his preferences that you get to know by mapping his activity on your site; he’ll leave behind many clues that can help you re-engage him.

You can follow up with emails or posts to lure him back to your site. Once he’s back, try a different method and impress him with your offers. Things that he checked out and found too expensive can be offered at lower prices if it doesn’t affect your margins much. So even as he’s busy looking up the things within his budget, offer him a great price for something he looked up close and long but had to opt out because of high price. With the right automation, your site can have this kind of dynamism.

The question is, how well will it work? Surely, such software isn’t cheap and you don’t want to be stuck with something that charges you big but doesn’t deliver on the promise. If you aren’t able to make adjustments to your initial offers or your cross sells at the required speed, your customer would be gone a second time. Thereafter, it would be more difficult to get him back on your site as he won’t be confident that the time he spends on your site would be worth it. Your marketing automation should help you make adjustments to the flow of your site based on different factors.

Get the right marketing automation software platform for your site as it is critical for the success of your online business. Integrate easy payment options and make adjustments to your offers to prevent your customers from slipping out; use best-in-class marketing automation software.

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